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The goal of CM staff development is to strengthen the full professionalization and development, engagement and pastoral management of Campus Ministers. Its objectives include the professionalization and development of CM personnel. It ensures that the personnel can attend formation trainings to update his/her expertise. This committee also issues the Cardoner, the official publication of the office.

The CM office, through this committee, has helped institutionalize the formation track for the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro Campus Ministry Association and has assisted other school campus ministers stabilize their programs in their respective schools. In this regard, CM actually serves as a resource of formation needs in the Archdiocese and even in the larger context such as the National Campus Ministry. This allows the office to participate in the National CM convention and all Ateneo Formators' Colloquium.

CMO is equipped with KSA in pastoral management such as strategic assessment and planning, project management, human resource management, financial management, social marketing, time management, strategic negotiation and conflict resolution and conducted at least one research project related to the development of formation for students.

CM DEV facilitates strengthening session activities among campus ministers once a month to enhance better relationship and deepen prayer life of each one.