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College Recollections and Retreats

The undergraduate students are offered an opportunity to experience a deepening of their relationship with God by undergoing recollections and retreats that are "Ignatian" in nature. The first year recollection and second year recollection are integrated with the FFP and NSTP courses respectively. The Junior's retreat that is offered to all third year students with the exception of the College of Engineering and Agricultural Engineering (third year: one day recollection; fourth year: overnight retreat; fifth year: two-day retreat) is offered overnight to allow the students to be able to look deeply into themselves and their life situation. Once they are in their fourth year, they will experience a two-day retreat that is aimed at helping them discern their life direction.


Students who long to nurture their personal, spiritual and faith life with a community can join any organization under the XU-URO. The XU-URO members are the University's partners in evangelization especially in liturgical celebrations, catechisms to communities and schools, and building small prayer communities. Here, students are guided to become effective leaders in the parish and the community.

The different organizations have different activities, unique charism and individual apostolate. These organizations also engage in apostolic and community life such that they are able to deepen their four areas of relationships, namely: self, others, life situation, and God. It is also the goal of the Campus Ministries office to develop the students wholistically by looking into the different aspects of a human person.

Some of the common activities that the members enjoy include the following: 1) General Assembly; 2) Community Building activities; 3) Prayer Sessions; 4) Monthly Formation with the Chaplaincy; and 5) Youth Encounter Retreat.

The General Assembly is a one-day activity that happens once in every semester. This is a gathering of all the members of the organizations under the XU-URO. In this activity, there will be discussions on matters involving the whole XU-URO community. This community is also strengthened through the facilitation of community building activities that help them bond together as one family. It is a day of fun, friendship, and learning. Moreover, the religious community also come together for prayer sessions to make them grounded on their identity XU-URO. This is also strengthened by the monthly formation they get in collaboration with the chaplaincy office that offers once in a month "talk" or sessions on the truths about faith. And finally, one of the activities that the students look forward to is the Youth Encounter Retreat that happens every summer. It is a 5-day retreat that helps the XU-URO members to become more aware of themselves that leads to a profound appreciation of the self, more sensitivity to others that leads to building of community, more commitment in the service of the church, and more personal relationship with God.

FFP Spiritual Formation Program

This is the first stage of spiritual formation where students are being introduced to Ignatian Spirituality, principles and ethos. This is closely incorporated in the FFP subject where students are oriented to the Ignatian Prayer and Spirituality. There will also be taize prayer that is offered to the non-Catholics and Kumpisalan ng Bayan for all Catholics.

NSTP Spiritual Formation Program

This second year formation opens the students to greater awareness and engagement through various area work. This is closely incorporated in the NSTP subject where students widen their sense of appreciation of the society and the larger community through their engagement in the different areas they are assigned to.

OSFA Scholars Psycho-Spiritual Counseling Session

The First Year Scholars undergo individual or group consultations with a campus minister during the first semester of the school year while those scholars who are graduating have it on the second semester. These consultations are aimed at accompanying the scholars not just in their academic formation but more importantly in their spiritual formation. It helps them to be more grounded in their journey in the University.