Conserving and preserving our environment is very important nowadays, especially with the alarming climate change problem.  Not only are we affected by the changing weather conditions, but also by the depleting natural resources and pollution.  One important solution is educating the public to spread awareness about marine environment conservation through the youth since they are the beneficiaries of our natural resources and they are not difficult to educate than the older generations of our community. The NSTP students will be trained to teach marine conservation to primary and secondary schools in the city. They are intensively given lectures on basic marine ecology, including games, activities, and video showing during the 1st semester to strengthen their understanding of the concepts, before they were set out to do their field work which was done in the 2nd semester.

Significance to Community

The significance of the project is educating the community for them to be aware of the present situation of our marine environment as well as The NSTP students to realize how they can do their part in spreading awareness about conserving our marine environment.  They also experienced and now understood the value and difficulties of teaching.  For the NSTP students, this program made them realize that the NSTP program can have an impact on the environment by going beyond just academics (e.g. tutorials) but really with the actual realities happening in our coastal areas.



  • Publication of “Si Armando ug ang Dinamita”

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