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From academic books to magazines, custom publications to newsletters, guidebooks to journals, Xavier University strives to produce quality contents for her constituents. Every publication is thoroughly made to inform, entertain, and inspire the community to achieve the goals of XU.

Xavier University Press Publications

Xavier University Press (XU Press) is the publishing arm of Xavier University. XU Press is focused on a mission — to promote the creation of knowledge and to disseminate scholarship through print and digital media in the academia and to the society at large. Aside from being an academic publisher, the XU Press also publishes scholarly books in various fields, specialized journals, and literary and creative works, those of which discuss Philippine life and society.

The XU Press is affiliated with the Philippine Association of Scholarly and Academic Publishers (PASAP) and the National Book Development Board (NBDB). Among its other goals are to encourage faculty publication particularly in internationally peer-reviewed journals and strengthen linkages with other academic publishers and private and public organizations that promote scholarly publications.

Magazines and Newsletters

Xavier Magazine

Xavier Magazine is the official magazine of the Xavier University community, covering societal engagements, academic achievements, research and social outreach projects, university festivals, culture and the arts, student activities and general-interest topics. Xavier Magazine is published by the Communications Office thrice a year (April, August, and December).


Pagtaob is the Visayan term for the rising of the tide. This newsletter aims to update the XU community and our partners on the different programs and activities of the McKeough Marine Center.

Aggie Bulletin

Aggie Bulletin is the quarterly newsletter of the College of Agriculture. It contains a round-up of the college’s programs aimed at advancing the agriculture sector in the country as well as the achievements of its faculty and students in the field of research and application.

Alumni News

Alumni News is the official newsletter of the XU Alumni Affairs Office, providing information to XU graduates to keep them updated with University events and announcements.


Gimba is the official newsletter of the Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts (XCCA). Gimba chronicles the arts and cultural events around Xavier University and the Center’s commitment to artistic excellence and cultural education among Filipinos.


Trompa is the voice of the Xavier Ecoville community. This newsletter is produced by the Xavier Ecoville Project team to inform their partner institutions and the community members on their activities and progress as a self-reliant resettlement village.