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The Religious Studies Department is a major evangelical unit of Xavier University committed to foster the integral Christian formation of students in response to the needs of the Church in Mindanao and the country. It pursues truth and excellence in teaching the essentials of the Christian faith so that students will know, love, and worship Jesus, glorify Him in the promotion of life in a responsible service to the society. It seeks to form students to become exemplars of Christian faith, responsible agents of cultural transformation in the light of the gospel and models of Christian discipleship. It promotes inter-faith dialogue among students of varied faiths in the campus. It also actively participates in the pursuit of social justice, peace, and development – giving focus on the current concerns of the Church and contemporary problems of the society at large.


In sum, the Religious Studies Department seeks to form men and women of competence, commitment, and conscience who are deeply rooted in the Catholic Faith and in the service of others.

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