Research, Innovations, and Creative Works


As a University, Xavier Ateneo engages in the authentic search for the truth through teaching, formation, research and social outreach. It is dedicated to the renewal, discovery, safeguarding, and communication of knowledge and human values. It trains men and women to think rigorously, so as to act rightly and serve humanity justly.

To provide institutional support for research, the University has put in place the Research, Creative Works, and Innovations unit. Aligned with the university’s vision to be a leading ASEAN University by 2033, in the context of global competitiveness and local usability and impact, the unit is mandated to promote socially- relevant research and innovation for faculty and staff development and student formation.

It is committed to the attainment and sustainability of a strong research culture among faculty and students and the promotion of high quality research that is conducted at a high level of academic rigor and carried out to high ethical standards.

To pursue these engagements, all faculty members are encouraged to pursue research according to their respective competencies and expertise, and at the same time, to maintain a balance between teaching and doing research, and extension work. Faculty members have a triad function of teaching, doing research, and extending social outreach or extension service.


“Teaching enhances the development of students, research advances the development of new knowledge, and service contributes to the growth of nonacademic, professional, or college and university communities.” Between.html


The Research, Creative Work, and Innovations unit currently has four (4) affiliated offices:

  • Kinaadman University Research Office (KURO),
  • University Press (XU Press),
  • Research Ethics Office (REO).
  • Knowledge & Technology Transfer Office (KTTO)

The KURO, XU Press, REO, and KTTO operate under the Dean for Research.