The University Research Council (URC)

The Research, Creative Work, and Innovation unit is aided by the University Research Council (URC) as its policy making body.

Recognizing that there are nuances of the different fields of discipline, the URC is composed of College Research Coordinators representing the different colleges/schools of the university as regular members and the Unit heads of the KURO, the XU Press, the REO, and the KTTO as ex officio members. The College Research Coordinators are the prime movers on a cellular level to address the research needs and thrusts of the colleges/schools and serve as collaborators to achieve the research agenda of the university.

The ex officio members of the URC include the VP for Higher Education, the VP for Social Development, the Director of the University Libraries, and the Chair of the Research Ethics Board.

In coordination with the Social Development cluster, in place are college-based Research Centers according to fields of discipline and expertise. These centers are primarily created to facilitate socially-relevant research engagements that address local needs and problem gaps.

For Academic Year 2023-2024 (1 August to 30 June 2024), the University Research Council has the following membership:

The University Research Council
URC Chair, Dean for Research Heide R Rabanes, PhD 
URC Secretary Paolo B Araune 
College Coordinator, College of Agriculture
Precious Dane P Tagas
Research Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences- Humanities Milagros Catherine A Rivera

Research Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences- Social Science

Ma Rhea Gretchen A Abuso

Research Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences- Natural Science Maria Rhotsyn Dacar, PhD
Research Coordinator, College of Computer Studies Maria Ramila I Jimenez
Research Coordinator, College of Engineering Engr Jefferson R Vallente Jr
Research Coordinator, College of Nursing Rodesa Shaira B Cornito
Research Coordinator, School of Business
Administration and Management
Herson D Bation
Research Coordinator, School of Education Albin Jay C Tabamo
Research Coordinator, School of Medicine Dr Jovy M Bacot
Research Ethics Coordinator Maria Theresa G Quinones
XU Press Director Arlene J Yandug, PhD