Grants and Programs

Xavier University acknowledges the importance of research funding to support the many forms of research and scholarly activities of faculty to ensure a vibrant research culture in the university.

(1) Faculty grants for research will be awarded to high calibre research, creative works, and innovations.  The KURO facilitates the acceptance, selection, and implementation of the guidelines related to the University Research Grants. The Research Grants are the following: Institutional Research Award, Miguel Bernad Humanities Research Award, Mindanao Research Award, and Matteo Ricci Research Award.

(1) Xavier University also acknowledges the importance of undergraduate and graduate student research  and financial support thereof will help ensure that high quality research is being promoted in the university even in the student level.  Support grants for student research will be awarded through the Kinaadman Student Research Award (KSRA).

(1) Support for Faculty in the writing of publications and acknowledgement incentives for published works will be awarded to qualified submissions. The following are the support and incentives for publications: Madigan Award for submission of Published Papers and Unpublished Manuscripts, Publication Award for Published Papers, Deload Support while writing the paper for publication, and support for publication charges.