Award Details

The KSSR provides support for Xavier Ateneo undergraduate and graduate students, under the general supervision of a faculty member, to develop their research projects. The research supported by these grants is expected to relate to a student’s thesis or dissertation, senior project, or other student scholarly activity such as a special project for a research course.


All students currently enrolled in a research subject, who have successfully defended proposals for researches required as partial fulfillment of their respective degree (e.g. undergraduate or graduate thesis, doctoral dissertation, final/capstone project  or equivalent thereof, or special projects for research courses) are qualified to apply for the grant.

The KURO facilitates the acceptance, selection, and implementation of the guidelines related to the KSRA Award.

Application Process

Fill out the forms below

and submit online, with the following supporting documents

  • Proposal defense approval form, with full names of and duly signed by the Adviser, Panel Members, Department Chair, and School or College Dean
  • A certification of research ethics clearance from the Research Ethics Office

Important note on Research Ethics Clearance:

Ethical review of research projects constitutes one of the mechanisms by which Xavier Ateneo researchers meet their commitment to research integrity. All research to be conducted by, or on, XU personnel and/or utilizing XU resources is subject to ethical approval. The research phase of the project must not start until ethical approval has been confirmed.

The application for Research Ethics Clearance is processed by the REO accessible at this link.

KSRA Forms for liquidation and Final Report purposes

  • KSRA Manuscript Template
  • KSRA Turnover Form