The Madigan Award is granted to a regular full-time higher education faculty member to encourage the publication of scholarly works such as research and creative works.

Acceptable submissions are:

  1. Publishable academic research paper
  2. Creative literary work (Only for faculties of the Departments of English and Filipino)
  3. Invention or patent (Only for science and engineering faculties)
  4. Published article, book or book chapter


The Award is open to regular full-time higher education faculty member with at least a Master’s degree, currently in active teaching status, including those assigned an administrative position or those who have come from a study leave but has been in active service for at least one year prior to the application of this award.

Online Submission for the Madigan Award 1st Tranche

To start the application, please take time to read the Madigan Award Guidelines (SY 2019-2020).

In filling up the online application forms, please provide your valid XU e-mail address to facilitate receipt of KURO's acknowledgment letter. Kindly send follow up email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if acknowledgment email is not received after three days.

If you already have identified the journal where to submit your work, you may follow the journal’s style guide and instructions for publication.

Application process

  1. Refer to the following prerequisites for the manuscript preparation:
  2. Fill out the First Tranche Application Form (MA-1).
  3. Forward the Application Form and the 

a) Full Manuscript (for unpublished manuscript submission), or
b) Full Paper of the Published Work (for published manuscript submission) 

to the Department Chair up to the College/School Dean for their evaluation and signature to validate that the work is within your field of discipline. Note that there will be no need to apply for the second tranche for both published and unpublished manuscript. (Refer to the schedule of releases for each category).

  1. Click here for the First Tranche Online Submission Page.
  2. To upload an attachment, click the ‘Choose File’ button to locate the Then click the Open icon to attach the file. The system accepts only files of PDF extension.

During submission, provide your valid and official XU e-mail address to be able to receive KURO's acknowledgement letter. Non-XU emails will not be entertained.


TurnItIn (a Plagiarism Detection Tool)

Prior to submitting an unpublished manuscript, run your manuscript to a similarity check or a plagiarism detection tool such as TurnItIn, available at the Xavier Ateneo University Library accessible at this link.

What Percentage on Turnitin is bad?

While some educational institutions allow up to 40% for well-referenced papers, other higher education institutions put a limit to 20% similarity score or index, as a matter of precaution. The Turnitin similarity score or index is considered bad if it is beyond 30% on the originality report, and the matching content is not cited and referenced.

We will follow this guideline. A similarity index of up to 30% will be the acceptable limit. Beyond this value, the paper has to be redone.

However, anything higher can be allowed but only in cases where it is unavoidable. The cases of unavoidable plagiarism include the names of books, government bodies, and organizations. When such are repeated many times in a paper, the paper can show a high score of plagiarism yet no copy-pasting was done.

reference:, accessed July 25, 2021.

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