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The School of Business and Management has now earned PAASCU Level III Accreditation for the Accountancy and Business Administration programs. It is nationally recognized as one of the top performing schools in the CPA Licensure Examinations, and has made a mark in national business and finance student competitions.

The formation of students in the School of Business and Management is primarily geared towards forming ethical graduates with leadership capability and a global perspective. It is committed to empowering graduates to possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes to create and manage wealth for the common good. They are trained to competently assume employment positions in business, industry, government and the academe, but are more strongly driven to establish, manage and sustain enterprises that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of our countrymen, especially the marginalized. The School of Business and Management advocates social entrepreneurship as the means to make a difference in the lives of people. The Student Entrepreneurship Program provides an avenue for emerging entrepreneurs to learn entrepreneurial values, business ethics, environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility.