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Who are eligible to apply for Scholarship?

- Incoming freshmen who are already accepted to the JPRSM

- Incoming L2 or L3 students

What are the General Requirements to Apply for a Scholarship?

Please provide all document in pdf form and upload to the link in Item No. 8
1. Letter of Acceptance for Admission (for incoming freshmen)
2. Parent's Latest Income Tax Returns or BIR-issued Certificate of Exemption
3. Certificate of Residence from the Barangay or Homeowners’ Association
4. Latest Proof of Billing (Electricity Bill AND Water Bill)
5. Photos of Home/Permanent Residence (Front, sides, back, kitchen and living room)
6. Proof of Payment of Scholarship Application Processing Fee
7. Certificate from Level Coordinator indicating Rank and GWA (for upperclassmen)
8. Fully accomplished Scholarship Application Form (click here)

What additional requirements do I need to submit if I intend to apply for CHED MSRS Program?

1.Proof of Filipino Citizenship such as any government issued document including, but not limited, to certified true copy of Birth Certificate(PSA), PHILSYS ID, Passport

2.Good Moral Certificate (From the Dean/DSA)

3.Affidavit of No Existing Scholarship Grant, those who have a scholarship return service clause in their contracts (e.g., DOST) must secure a certification of deferment of return service from the concerned agency.

4.Additional requirements for priority applications: (when applicable)

  • Member of Indigenous People or Minority Group (e.g. Manobo, Aeta, Mangyan, Tausug,Maranao, Badjao, etc.) Certification to be issued by National Commission on Indigenous Peoples [NCIP])
  • Dependent of Community Health Volunteer (Certification to be issued by the DOH-Bureau of Local Health Systems and Development)
  • Victim of Calamities/Insurgencies (Certification to be issued by the local Risk Reduction and Management Office [LDRRMO] or Department of Social Welfare and Development [DSWD])
  • Whose Parents are suffering from chronic disease (e.g. Undergoing Dialysis, CA patients/PWD/Solo Parent) (Certification to be issued by the licensed physician)
  • Tax exemption or Tax Declaration from the BIR

5. Accomplished MSRS Form 2 (Download MSRS Form 2 here)

When is the deadline for the submission of requirements for scholarship application?
May 31, 2023

How do I pay the Scholarship Application Processing Fee of Php 800.00?

Payment Options:

  1. University Finance Office (Account Code 5101-9028)
  2. Bank of the Philippine Islands

After Payment, please report the same to XU Finance Office by uploading receipt thru:

Non-tuition Payments – All

Are there additional processes that I need to undergo related to my scholarship application?

1. Take the Scholarship Examination scheduled on:

  • Saturday, June 3, 2023 1-3 PM at XUJPRSM (F2F, onsite)

2. Scheduled Panel Interview from June 5-15, 2023.