SEARSOLIN is a research and social outreach unit of Xavier University (XU). It operates toward the attainment of the university’s vision by becoming “a premier Asian leadership institute for social justice and holistic formation of leaders”.

The Institute has 50 years experience of forming leaders and initiating innovative programs graduating over 2,000 rural leaders from 59 countries in Asia and Africa.  The institute also manages a training facility that is strategically located in Northern Mindanao, Philippines.


SEARSOLIN is the premier Asian leadership institute for social justice and the holistic formation of leaders.


In the context of diversity and cultures of developing countries, SEARSOLIN commits to help the poor for social development.

Brief History

SEARSOLIN was founded by the great Jesuit visionary Fr. William F. Masterson, SJ in 1964. He received the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for establishing the institute. SEARSOLIN has been one of Asia's leading institutes for rural social leadership. It has carried on the legacy of its founder in forming and training over two thousand leaders from Asia, Africa and the Pacific.