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SLMIS Features

To all College students:

We are pleased to advise that the self-service features of SLMIS have been expanded.  Using your student SLMIS account credentials, you may now:

1. Generate your Assessment Report    

  • the Assessment Report is a Statement of Charges billed to your account for the current school term.  We recommend that you review this at the start (for batched charges) and at the end (for individual adjustments/additional charges) of each term .   Report for the 2nd semester of the current SY is currently available.

2. View your Payment History

3. Check your Outstanding Balance

  • as SLMIS applies payments according to a certain hierarchy, to avoid being confused, please IGNORE the breakdown of outstanding charges that may be displayed and refer only to the TOTAL indicated. 

Please view self-service procedures here.

Regardless of the above, the XU Finance Office will continue to send Billing Notice regarding installment due to your official email address.  Likewise, we will also continue to send advice of new payments posted via a system-generated email. 

You may still request for a SIGNED Assessment Report thru and request an Account Summary (outline of current charges, payments and net balance) from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; When possible, please use official email address for communications. Otherwise, always provide full name and ID number.  However, due to the high volume of requests being processed, we ask for your patience and understanding as it may take a while to generate a response.  Please check Inbox and Spam folders for replies, notices, advisories and clearances.