Individual and group sessions, conducted by trained counselors, are offered to students who have special concerns regarding their academic, career, family or personal life in general.


Through standardized tests, assessment of individual strengths and weaknesses in the areas of personality, intelligence, aptitudes, values, interests and job preferences are being offered. Test results are interpreted for the student's own self-awareness, growth and development.

Individual Inventory

To help the student keep track of his/her personal growth and development, the CRC makes sure that educational records, test results, and interview notes are safely filed in individual envelopes and updated yearly.

Academic/Probation Follow-up

Students on probation and those with low grades are given assistance and dealt with individually to find out possible causes of their poor performance. The program helps students develop proper attitudes and more effective skills in coping with academic difficulties.

Placement Program

Placement counselors are available to help graduating students prepare for future job screening by giving them exit interviews. Counselors provide an honest feedback to students regarding their strengths and weaknesses based on such interviews. Moreover, CRC conducts and organizes job search seminars, job fairs and expositions to help graduating and graduate students in their job placements.

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Scholars' Assistance Program

Scholars, as they make their way adjusting to life in the University, are provided with individual and group follow-up sessions. These sessions are meant to address individual needs and tackle difficulties in more effective ways. A "return service" by the scholars is expected; the CRC provides the service sites and the processing of their return service experiences.

Enrichment Programs

In response to the various needs of students towards personal growth and development, CRC organizes and conducts seminars and workshops, symposia, educational sessions and modular programs.

Peer Counseling facilitators Training Program

To reach and serve more students in the University, the CRC selects and trains students with greater potential of establishing peer helping relationships. The candidates are trained to acquire greater sensitivity to peers' concerns and learn helping and testing skills to enable them to conduct individual peer counseling, facilitate group peer counseling, and administer and score tests. This program also helps to inculcate in the peer counselors a sense of service.

Outreach Programs

To expose the students to the realities of life, to develop in them a sense of value and concern for the dignity of the human person, the CRC initiated linkage with Government and Non-government organizations service programs, such as orphanages and shelters for the street kids.

Faculty/Parent Consultation

The services of P/ACTS-CRC staff are open to parents, faculty members and personnel regarding school and family matters.


Studies and surveys on relevant issues are periodically conducted to address particular needs of the P/ACTS-CRC and other Units' needs of the University.