Medical Services Offered

  • Annual check-up for in-coming Freshmen and Transferees
  • FREE daily medical consultation and treatment for College and Post-Grad. Students and Employees
  • FREE medicines on common ailments (e.g. Paracetamol, Mefenamic Acid) and starter dose of Antibiotics
  • Minor Surgery and Referral
  • Emergency/First Aid Treatment equipped with Medical Oxygen and Nebulizers
  • 9 bed capacity female room with C.R. & 8 bed capacity male room with C.R.
  • Nebulization for Asthmatic attacks
  • Vaccination/Immunization – Service only (Vaccines—not free)
  • Issuance of Medical Certificate— Letter from Parents/Guardian is required
  • Free Sugar, Cholesterol, Bone Density determination (Sponsored by Drug Companies) on a quarterly basis

Dental Services Offered

  • Annual check-up for incoming Freshmen and Transferees
  • Oral Prophylaxis, Fillings, Extractions— Choose 1 for every semester & summer
  • Consultations & follow-ups
  • Emergency treatment
  • Referrals