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OSA offers the following services to help students in their financial needs while studying in the University:

  • Student Assistantship Program

To provide financial assistance to qualified and deserving college students through campus employment, OSA conducts recruitment, screening, and deployment of student assistants to the different offices/units in the main and satellite campuses. Student assistants are not considered casual employees of the University. They receive monetary allowance based on the number of hours that they render. Such monetary allowance is applied on their tuition and matriculation fees. (A complete policy on XU Student Assistantship Program is available at OSA.)

  • Student Assistance Fund (SAF) Loan

Short-term loans for tuition assistance during major exams (except final exam) and allowance for board and lodging are administered by OSA in close coordination with the Finance Office. Loan applications must be endorsed by the student’s parents or guardians and approved by the Director of Student Affairs.

  • XU Band Scholarship

OSA supervises the recruitment, screening and training of band members who qualify for XU Band Scholarship in coordination with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA). The XU Band Instructor takes care of the auditions and applications for band scholarships while the Director of Student Affairs handles the approval and monitoring of academic requirements.