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The Archbishop James T.G. Hayes Scholarship is a financial grant to Scholarship Exam Takers who scores at least 80% in the online scholarship examination and whose total annual family income do not exceed Php500K for a family of 5 (or, per capita income of Php100k). Application must be evidenced by the parents' certified true copy of the latest annual Income Tax Return (ITR), or, when not applicable, a notarized affidavit of source/s of income with amount indicated.


Applications for the Archbishop James T.G. Hayes Scholarship are received on a first come, first served basis. Once the allotted eighty (80) slots are filled in, or, when it is already past the deadline, the SHS-TASO will stop receiving applications from qualifiers.




No late submissions will be accepted.


Archbishop James T.G. Hayes scholars enjoy Php50K/ academic year coverage.

Application Instructions


Step 1. 

Register for and take the Online Scholarship Examination. Details of the registration process and examination dates are found on this page: https://www.xu.edu.ph/shs-scholarships.


Step 2.

Takers are notified via email if they are qualified to apply for the Archbishop James T.G. Hayes scholarship. Qualifiers must create an account in the XU Scholarships Portal: http://scholarship.xu.edu.ph/ to begin their application. It is highly recommended that only one active email address (preferably Gmail) is used all throughout the applications process.


Step 3. 

Wait to receive a PENDING LETTER via email. The email enumerates the list of documentary requirements the applicant needs to submit.


Step 4. 

Submit the clear scanned copies or photos of the required documents. Applications without the required documents or with incomplete information will not be processed. If you are unable to submit a document, please provide an explanation letter.


Step 5. 

Applicants with complete documentary requirements and verified combined family annual income within the Php 500K limit will be sent an INITIAL APPROVAL LETTER. (Some applicants may be required to submit additional documents for further evaluation.)


Step 6.

The applicant waits for the University President to approve their application. Once approved, the grantee will receive the Notice of Scholarship Award (NSA).


Step 7. 

New scholars may upload the NSA in lieu of the proof of down payment during enrolment.

Note: All given information will be kept confidential and will be used for evaluating the qualifier’s application for a scholarship.