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06182024.Web SHS St Ignatius of Loyola Scholarship AY2024 2025 1

Application is open to all top 1 and 2 Junior High School completers with at least 90students in their batch.

(1) Take the SHS Entrance Exam

(2) Create an email message with SUBJECT: Last Name, First Name_ St Ignatius of Loyola Scholarship SHS)

(3) Attach e-copies of the following requirements to the composed email:

2.1 Application letter 
      Addressed to: MARYCRIS A GO, RPm
                             XUSHS Testing, Admission, Scholarships, & Promotions Officer

2.2 SHS Offer Letter /Notice of Admission

2.3 Grade 10 Report card (form 138) 

2.4 Two (2) letters of CERTIFICATION from: i.) School Principal, and ii.) Adviser or Guidance Counselor stating that the applicant has completed Junior High School as class Top 1/Top 2 with the specific number of completers and shall bear the school seal

2.5 Any of the following proof of family income:

i.) Parent's Income Tax Return (ITR of both parents)
ii.) Affidavit of source of income with amount
iii.) OFW - Photocopy of contract
iv.) Affidavit of Support with amount

Note: when documents are not scanned, mobile photos MUST be clear and contents are readable.

(4) Send the application with requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

(5) XU SHS TASO will confirm that the applicant has qualified for the scholarship through email.

(6) Qualified applicants will receive an INITIAL APPROVAL after accomplishing the scholarship application.

(7) Once officially approved by the University President, the grantee will receive the NOTICE of SCHOLARSHIP AWARD (NSA).

(8) Proceed to online enrolment. NSA will have to be uploaded in lieu of the proof ofdown payment.

(9) Submission of application requirements shall not be later than 15 July 2024.

(10) For inquires you may call (088) 853-9800 local 9758/9781 or log on to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..