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Social engagement is a mark of a Jesuit institution. At Xavier University, this is embodied in the cluster for Social Development (SD). The SD cluster consolidates and strengthens the decades of experience and gains from institutional social engagement through its various college-based and expertise-based centers and institutes. It also sets the directions for development initiatives aligned with the University’s mission and vision, as it continually strives to be a relevant player in the development of Mindanao, the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region.

The SD cluster has three foci of engagement: (1) student, faculty and formator engagement through Service Learning; (2) faculty and formator expertise-based engagement through the Centers and Institutes; and (3) XU community engagement through Social Involvement programs and initiatives.

Units comprising the SD cluster facilitate these engagements. These are the, McKeough Marine Center (MMC), South East Asian Rural Leadership Institute (SEARSOLIN), Student Social Formation, Institutional Social Engagement and Advocacy. These units are under the leadership of the Vice President for Social Development. The SD cluster collaborates and coordinates with other XU clusters and units and with public, private and civil society institutions and organizations to provide wider avenues for greater societal engagement among the members of the XU community.

The University has evolved its units and expertise to a comprehensive Research and Social Outreach (RSO) cluster that encompasses both college-based and non-collegebased programs on research and outreach- programs being implemented by established units. The research and social outreach thrust of the University draws guidance from the XU Vision and Mission and from the Society of Jesus Social Apostolate (SJSA). Through the RSO cluster, XU affirms its commitment to the church and the Filipino people by sharing it resources and expertise particularly in the five thematic areas of engagement, namely: (1) Food Security; (2) Health; (3) Environment; (4) Governance; and (5) Peace.

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