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Program of Study

The Masters of Arts in Nursing degree requires completion 30 units which are credited to academic courses and 6 units for the theses. Academic courses generally carry a 3 unit course.

The focus of the program is on role development as well as clinical skills needed to carry out these roles effectively in specialized fields of nursing. Emphasis shall be placed on analyses and application of the varied nursing theoretical frameworks that maybe utilized to guide the graduate in her chosen role in the specialized nursing field.

A full time student enrolls in 12 units of academic work per semester and is given a maximum of five (5) years within which to finish all 36 units of academics and the thesis including passing the comprehensive examination.

Objectives of the Program

At the end of the program of study, the graduate student shall be able to:

  1. Practice professional nursing based on advanced theoretical and functional constructs of a specified clinical specialty.
  2. Demonstrate accountability for advanced professional nursing practice based on research and ethico-moral-legal principles.
  3. Demonstrate expanded leadership skills by initiating changes within organization and or health care systems to meet the changing needs of the society.
  4. Conduct scientific investigation to expand the knowledge base supporting nursing practice for the advancement of nursing profession.

Synthesize current knowledge gained from other disciplines with both nursing theory and research to support advanced professional nursing and role developments in the chosen field of specialization.