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  1. Wait for exam results email notification from the University Testing Center (OR)
  2. Access through online account portal:

1. Log in to your Account 
2. Click the Entrance Test Page
3. G
o to Entrance Test Schedule Details
4. View your Exam Score
5. Read and follow the instruction



  1. Email the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the format below.

a.)  Subject: Request for Xavier University College Scholarship/Entrance  Exam Test Results

b.)  Attach a scanned copy of your valid ID and provide the following information:

•   Complete Name:
•   Date of Exam: 

  1. Wait for the confirmation email when your request is ready for release. In compliance with the Data Privacy Act 2012, below are the requirements upon claiming:

a.)  by the examinee himself/herself

•   Present a valid Identification Card (ID)

b.)  through an authorized representative

•   An authorization letter with a photocopy of the valid Identification Card (ID) of both the examinee and the authorized representative

  * Release of test results will be available on Mondays and Tuesdays only (9:00 AM-11:00 AM; 2:00-4:00 PM) starting 6 May 2024(Note: We will only accommodate examinees who have submitted a request)



The University Testing Center (UTC) would like to give options to freshmen examinees who were not able to reach the required General Cut-off score for Xavier Ateneo Admissions.

 Option 1

  • Take and pass the Alternate Entrance Examination (AEE) to qualify for admissions to any Xavier Ateneo college course except the following: BS Nursing, BS Accountancy, AB/BS Psychology. 

To apply for the AEE, kindly head over here to open your online account and select Alternate Entrance Examination to choose your preferred date of examination. Accomplish the online payment instructions for confirmation.

Please allow time for the UTC to verify your application. A Test Permit will be issued three (3) working days before your preferred examination date.

 Option 2

  • If your percentile rank score is 34-30, you can apply as a waitlisted applicant to the Business Administration (BS BA) program, majoring in either Financial Management or Marketing Management. 

Acceptance to the BS BA program is subject to availability of slots. Waitlisted applicants shall be notified of the status of their application 3 to 4 working days from the date of registration. Kindly head over this FORM and register to begin the process. Upload clear photos or scanned copies of the documents enumerated below:

  1. a) Screenshot of Entrance Examination for Higher Education (EEHE) Results
  2. b) Grade 12 Report Card (Form 138) with remarks eligible for college admissions and signed by the School Principal. If not yet available, submit your Grade 12 Report Card with complete third quarter grades (For Freshmen) Transcript of Records (For Transferees)

If approved, you will be sent a Letter of Acceptance by the School of Business and Management. The letter serves as your confirmation to proceed with the online admissions application. If your admissions application is successful, you will receive the Admissions Clearance, which is a required document during enrollment. Progress of your application may periodically be checked in the admissions portal.

If declined, you may choose to take the AEE, Option 1 above, if you haven’t done yet. 


IMPORTANT REMINDER:  You are discouraged from simultaneously applying for both options. Doing so may cause delay in processing, if not outright rejection, of your admissions application to Xavier Ateneo.