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This course module intended for Xavier University outreach communities and partners is a 2-day training course that combines the imparting of knowledge on:

  • basic concepts and principles of the reuse-oriented ecological sanitation approach
  • linkages to health and agriculture
  • available low-cost sanitation technologies
  • newly developed TPS technology and its potential to create lasting and highly fertile soils, and
  • basic organic farming practices

Participants will receive an introduction into the current sanitary and health situation in Mindanao and the Philippines and its impact on health and environment. It will specifically focus on the link between sanitation and agriculture and the enormous potential that proper ecological sanitation systems can offer to improve sanitary conditions and to bring back urgently needed nutrients back to the soil. Low-cost dry sustainable sanitation technologies will be presented which are easily applicable and affordable even for poorer households. It will also introduce low-cost techniques that can produce highly fertile soils with huge potential for increased agricultural production and the local food security situation. Organic practices in farming will also be included. The course will consist of short lectures with discussion, a field exposure visit and several hands-on training exercises.