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Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan


Fr Mars P Tan SJ

15th University President


PhD in Environmental Science - University of Notre Dame Australia
Dissertation: Sedimentation dynamics of the Cagayan de Oro River Catchment and
its implications for its coastal marine environment. 2017

M.S. Environmental Science - University of the Philippines, Diliman
Thesis: Seedling survival and growth responses of Enhalus acoroides (L.f.) Royle
using bamboo “pipes” under outdoor culture conditions.” 2006

M.A. Theology - Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University
Thesis: Halina’t Masdan si Hesus sa Ebanghelyo (translation work, 1999)

B.S. Biology- Ateneo de Davao University, Davao City

High School - Saint Paul University (formerly San Nicolas College), Surigao City  


Teaching/Research Work Experience

Teacher/Jesuit Regent - Xavier University High School - 1992 -1994  

Research Assistant - Environmental Science for Social Change, AdMU - 2005 - 2007

 Research Assistant - Institute of Social Order, AdMU – 2005 - 2007

Instructor and Assistant Professor – Biology Department of Xavier University – 2010 - 2020

Director – McKeough Marine Center, Xavier University – 2011 – 2020


Pastoral/Formation Work Experience

Assistant Parish Priest in the Jesuit Bukidnon Missions – 1998 – 2001

Formator and Vice Superior of the Jesuit Scholastics, Loyola House of Studies – 2001 – 2007

National Chaplain – Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation Inc. – 2005 - 2007

Rector of the Jesuit Community of Xavier University – 2009 – 2020


Published works (main or co-author)

Propagation protocol of Pteris vittata L. using spores for phytoremediation. 
International Journal of Biosciences

Protocol for Successful Sporophyte Formation and Development in Pteris melanocaulon Fée. 
International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences

Phytostabilization potential of 
Saccharum spontaneum in chromium contaminated soil.
Journal of Biodiversity and Environment Sciences (JBES).

Sedimentation dynamics of the Cagayan de Oro River Catchment and its implications for its coastal marine environment. 
University of Notre Dame Australia.


Other completed research works and projects as Director
and/or Assistant/Project leader

Physical, biological and chemical profiling of the Cagayan de Oro River. 
Ridge-River-Reef Program (R3). McKeough Marine Center – Assistant Project Leader

Assessment and monitoring of the clam community and water quality of Agutayan Island,

Jassan, Misamis. Oriental. 
Director of McKeough Marine Center

Establishment of a Protocol for the propagation and development of selected hyperaccumulator plants. 
Project of Xavier University in collaboration with the Ateneo de Manila University.
Local Site Supervisor

SWAT modeling of the Cagayan de Oro River Catchment to measure runoff and sediment losses.
Main researcher

Oceanographic modeling of the sediment plume in Cagayan de Oro River mouth, Macajalar Bay.
Main researcher

Present conditions of mangroves, corals, seagrasses and seagrasses at the river mouth

as related to the sediment plume dynamics of the Cagayan de Oro River.
Main researcher

Building up an Integrated Methodology for Water resources Assessment and Management in urban coastal areas. 
Xavier University in partnership with ARES-CCD (Académie de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur –

Cellule de Coopération au Développement), Assistant Project Leader, Philippines

Coastal Resource Assessment and Marine Debris Audit 
McKeough Marine Center. Project leader

Mangrove Mapping in Macajalar Bay Project,
McKeough Marine Center. Project leader



Most Outstanding Nicolanian Award (2017) in the field of Environmental Science - Saint Paul University-Surigao

International Postgraduate Research Scholarship Award (IPRS) – University of Notre Dame Australia

University Postgraduate Scholarship Award (UPA) - University of Notre Dame Award


BOT Membership as a Trustee

Ateneo de Davao University

Ateneo de Manila University

Ateneo de Zamboanga University

Child Fund Philippines

Institute of Social Order

Maria Reyna Xavier University Hospital

Xavier Science Foundation