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A community of physicians of conscience, commitment and competence in the delivery of health care services, education and research in the service of the Church and humanity.


We dedicate our individual and institutional efforts and resources to the:

  • Promotion of a dynamic medical education that is sensitive, responsive, relevant, as well as committed in addressing the needs of society, particularly in Northern Mindanao;
  • Affirmation that our medical school will graduate physicians who are competent, socially responsive, committed, and morally upright human beings, in accordance with the Jesuit philosophy;
  • Provision of health care services that are acceptable, accessible, available, and affordable to the consumers of these services.


  • To inculcate in the students an appreciation of the value of human life and the dignity of the human being.
  • To motivate and assist the students to acquire professional excellence and develop the necessary skills of healing through appropriate, effective and compassionate patient care.
  • To nurture in the students the desire for continuing improvement of the community through health education and sound management, as well as advocacy in public health and health policy issues.
  • To promote medical research with emphasis on community-oriented projects and health related programs.
  • To nurture in the students the passion for life-long learning.