The Alumni Affairs Office is a unit under the Mission and Ministry Cluster which promotes the non-academic formation for the various units of Xavier University. It envisions being the campus hub of continuing spiritual, professional and physical formation activities of the graduates. The office facilitates activities and provides services designed to make XU alumni maintain a lifelong engagement with the University.

  • Formation activities

    • Provide opportunities in the campus for the continuing spiritual, professional, and physical wellness development of the alumni

    • Continue to nurture the XU culture of magis and cura personalis among the alumni

  • Administrative Services

    • Issuance of alumni ID to the graduates

    • Maintain an alumni database with essential particulars of the graduates

    • Be the center for information dissemination from the University to the alumni, and facilitate the communication of alumni with one another.

    • Serve as liaison to the University for activities and projects in the campus of the XU-AAA and her chapters.

    • Assist the XU-AAA in organizing off-campus alumni chapters

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