It was evening, and news agencies were deafeningly silent. Snippets of unconfirmed news here and there of something going on in Malacañang for days prior. Then, like a thief in the night, when all seemed calm and quiet, the president went on live broadcast this day forty-nine years ago to declare martial law that deeply afflicted and wounded our people.  
We remember, and we vow to never forget.

To unite our voices with those who continue to seek justice and accountability for the atrocities perpetrated during the rule of Martial Law by the late dictator, the Society of Jesus Social Apostolate Commission presents this statement, which we hope you can share with your communities/partners for reflection and consideration.    
Beyond simply being words of remembrance, we pray that this statement moves us to further commit ourselves to steadfastly act against injustice and firmly guard our democracy from any form of corruption and abuse of authority - #NeverAgain

In our prayers,
Assistant to the Provincial for the Social Apostolate
Society of Jesus Philippine Province
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