What should I keep in mind to make my graduation worthwhile for me and my family?

What to do before the Commencement Exercises

  1. Inform parents/spouses/guardians where to meet you for the hooding ceremonies. Give specific directions.
  2. Get your parents’ commencement admission tickets/gate passes or special ribbons from your college coordinator. Seats for parents, except that of the PhD, awardees and Medicine and Law candidates, shall be at the 2nd floor.
  3. Practice hooding with your parents, guardians or spouses at home. Remind them to bring safety pins to secure your hood.
  4. Prepare the required graduation attire and other things you might want to bring (e.g., water bottle, hand sanitizers, fan) for the mass, convocation, and commencement. Make sure you have broken in the new pair of shoes days before.
  5. Explain to relatives and friends that picture and video taking during mass and commencement are prohibited. They are allowed to do so only during the hooding ceremony and after the graduation rites.
  6. If you are a non-Crusader Yearbook subscriber, please make sure you have submitted your prescribed graduation photo. Follow the photo submission guidelines at https://www.xu.edu.ph/ commencement-submission.

On Picture-Taking

  • Arrange your official photo reservation at the XU Book Center, the Official XU Graduation Photo In-Charge together with your toga reservation.
  • Every graduate will have three sets of poses to be taken
  • Requests for blow-ups will be entertained after graduation and upon claiming of pictures.

During the day of the Baccalaureate Mass (by invitation)


  1. Please be PROMPT in coming to the campus at least 30 minutes before the given assembly time. Consider travel time from home or place of residence to the campus and the check-through time at the entrance gate for inspection of required documents (e.g., contact tracing QR code, vaccination card, gate pass).
  2. Only one (1) guest is allowed to bring along for the baccalaureate mass. Please remind your guest or ensure that they bring the appropriate admission ticket or gate pass for the Baccalaureate Mass with them.
  3. The front and back gates of XU shall be open to human traffic but shall be closed to vehicular traffic following announced traffic advisories. Parking inside the campus shall be limited to faculty and special guests only.
  4. Eat a full meal or snacks.
  5. Wear your TOGA or academic robe. For undergraduate candidates KEEP CAP ON with the tassel at the left front for the entire duration of the Mass.
  6. Bring HOOD.
  7. Wearing of face mask will be observed. For this year, a uniform official face mask will be issued to all candidates for graduation.
  8. Please observe basic “Church Decorum” during the Mass.
  9. Help maintain the solemnity of the celebration by:
  10. Not making unnecessary noise/movements;
  11. Actively participating (listening to the readings/homily; singing, responding, going to communion esp. for the Catholics, etc.);
  12. Turning off cell phones or placing it in silent mode.

On Graduation Day

Before the Exercises

  1. Remind parents to bring the issued admission tickets/gate passes for commencement. NO TICKET/PASS, NO ENTRY to the campus and gym.
  2. Bring safety pins to secure the hood for the hooding ceremony.
  3. Eat a full meal or snacks.
  4. Candidates MUST BE ON CAMPUS AT LEAST 30 MINS BEFORE THE ASSEMBLY TIME. Allot enough time for travel and for security checks at the entrance gates.
  5. The front and back gates of XU shall be open to human traffic but shall be closed to vehicular traffic following announced traffic advisories. Parking inside the campus shall be limited to faculty and special guests only.
  6. Vehicle parking areas outside of campus are very limited. Available free parking is afforded for XU along Tirso-Neri and R.N. Abejuela Streets surrounding Magsaysay Park on first-come first-served basis. Dropping off and picking up at the gates is recommended and encouraged.
  7. Make sure you have everything you need with you, especially your toga, cap (with tassel) and hood and uniform face mask.
  8. Do not bring too many things. Bring your own water bottle (500 mL max), hand sanitizers, handkerchief and a small clutch or pouch bag (for ladies) for your personal items.
  9. Corsages, bouquets, leis and/or gifts are not allowed BEFORE conferment of graduation. The proper time to receive them is only AFTER the ceremonies.
  10. Maintain proper distances during the assembly, especially for the hooding ceremony.
  11. To comply with safety and health protocols, bringing of families, especially small children, to the campus is not permitted at this time. Only two (2) guests per graduand is allowed. In the absence of one or both parents, sibling/s above 18 years old and/or any adult relative/s may be allowed entry, provided that the maximum of two guests per graduand will still be enforced.

During the Processional

  1. Graduands lined up at the main lane will take two steps sideways when cued. This is to open the space for the Mace Bearer, the Grand Marshal, and the incoming CSG President to walk through.
  2. Please do not pause or break ranks for pictures during the processional.
  3. Walk in pairs. Make sure to wait for your pair when taking a turn around a corner.
  4. Keep proper physical distancing while walking, and maintain walking along the center of the lane. Keep your attention ahead.

During Ceremony Proper

  1. Pay attention to the proceedings. Applaud only at appropriate times. Do not applaud while the Dean is not yet finished reading all the names of graduates from his/her college or school.
  2. Behave formally and with proper decorum. Do not make unnecessary movements and noise during the ceremony.
  3. When you need to use the toilet, or to take a drink of water, inform first the nearest college coordinator or usher. Pass through the row without being obvious, and do not cross the main or center aisle.
  4. Turn off your cell phones or keep them in silent mode. Refrain from using them during the proceedings even for taking pictures or videos. Use of tablets or other digital gadgets for pictures is also strongly discouraged.
  5. Do not bring large bags or fans with you when you climb the stage to receive your diplomas.
  6. Don’t chew gum or eat anything during the ceremonies. If you have to take candy, let it melt slowly in your mouth.
  7. Always pay attention to what is going on with the program, particularly during the awarding of diplomas. Do not leave the gym especially if you know your name is near to be called.
  8. If you are feeling unwell during the course of the program, please immediately approach any member of the graduation committee (e.g., college coordinator, usher) so that you can be led to the nearest medic station.
  9. Remember the exit passages as was presented during the safety and evacuation drill orientation. Follow instructions called during emergency situations.
  10. At the end of the ceremonies, please allow stage party & faculty to go out of the gym before you break ranks. Remain first for the group/batch picture.
  11. Claim your original official diploma at the designated areas, i.e., AVRs at the SBM building.
  12. In case it rains during the assembly period, please proceed directly to the assigned assembly areas for contingency plan. Parents or guests are to proceed directly to the gym. Graduands shall be instructed to impose the hoods upon themselves without the parents.

Live streaming/Webcast

The Baccalaureate Mass, Convocation and Commencement Exercises are webcast thru the XU Facebook page website. A video recording of the entire proceedings will also be broadcast via YouTube at an announced date.