The Crusader Publication is now accepting applications from aspiring photojournalists, layout artists, videographers, motion graphics artists, research managers, and copy editors until January 31.

Submit the following requirements together with your online application at

  1. Application letter addressed to the Editorial Board
  2. A copy of last semester's grades indicating your QPI (for non-freshmen applicants)
  3. A copy of your current class schedule (SLMIS weekly calendar view)
  4. For Artists: A portfolio of sample works (must be at least 5, compiled in a Google Drive folder)
  5. For Writers: A portfolio of sample works and a 200-300 word feature article about yourself (compiled in a Google Drive folder) Research managers, and copy editors are not required to submit a portfolio.

There will also be an additional set of requirements aligned with your position/s of choice. You will be able to view them after submitting your application at Weave your narrative into infinity. Join in our pursuit.

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