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Text by Camille Francheska Pelaez
Original photo courtesy of The Crusader Publication

Over the years, ORSEM has become one of the most exciting events incoming freshmen look forward to at Xavier Ateneo. Set to happen this 6-8 June 2019, the university is once again getting things in order to launch ORSEM 2019 themed “So Much Love.”

More than just an avenue to introduce the go-arounds at Xavier Ateneo from basic discussions on rules to a little overview of XU’s humble history, XU ORSEM also provides an opportunity for students to meet new friends and explore the different campus activities and organizations. 

People who have participated in their class ORSEMs only have good stories to share about their experiences. It was where they were able to feel how welcome they are in the university, got to know their best friends, and even realized how much of their potential they can nurture and utilize in Xavier Ateneo. As newcomers, ORSEM helps the students adjust better to their new environment with the people they are going to share the journey with at Xavier Ateneo.

The three-day event is a compilation of fun gimmicks and interactive lectures designed to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to the incoming freshmen of Xavier Ateneo. It is a product of the time and effort student volunteers continuously offer with So Much Love headed by the Office of Student Affairs.

It is no wonder that XU ORSEM is received with excitement as it continues to evolve year after year, always with something new and unique for every class to welcome in anticipation. Indeed, the love every ORSEM class receives is passed down and shared every time Xavier Ateneo opens its doors.∎