Report by Therese Mole
Photo courtesy of XU Orsem Now

Summer is over and it is the start of a new academic year for Xavier Ateneans! A new batch of freshmen students will begin their college journey and what better way to know them than by hearing their aspirations and expectations with Xavier Ateneo. We asked several freshmen students about it and read on to know whom you can most probably relate to.

Keisha Nicole Agapay (BS Nursing): I transferred here to gain new experiences and to have a new environment. I’m excited to see how they will teach and mold students the Ateneo way.”

Danica Lunzaga (BS Accountancy): “Since my course is quite challenging, I hope the faculty and staff in our department would be approachable especially during consultations and would mold us to become better versions of ourselves in the future.”

Bea Dela Rita (BS Agriculture): “This is already my second course in XU after I transferred to another school. I hope this time around, I can have a group of friends that will last until we graduate, where we can be each others’ support system because previously I didn’t quite have constant companions. I hope now I will.”

Marielle Reyes (BS Industrial Engineering): “I hope to discover myself more.”

Bembem Gonzales (BS Business Administration): “I expect to gain new learnings and that I would be motivated to graduate on time, hopefully.”

Christine Cabrejas (BS Psychology): “I want my stay in Xavier Ateneo to be memorable, full of insights and learnings, and that I can get the excellent education the school provides.”

Shakira Antiquina (BS Nursing): “I hope my college life will pave way for me to have more room for errors and learn from it, with people who will support and help me correct my mistakes.”

Noel Hernandez (AB International Studies): “As a transferee, I hope Xavier Ateneo can offer what my previous school lacked. I hope I can really experience excellence here.”

Josh Paculba (BS Computer Science): “I expect the community to be friendly.”

Christine Baleta (BS Psychology): “I hope I will be able to socialize more and meet new friends in college. Also, I’m excited to develop my skills through hands-on activities both in academics and co-curricular and extra-curricular organizations.”

A new life chapter, new goals, indeed. To all the college freshmen, welcome to Xavier Ateneo! May your objectives and hopes drive you to do better and be better as college students. This is just the beginning of a fruitful ride to the finish line. Make every moment count until you reach your final goals!∎

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We call ourselves Xavier Ateneans, not for the sake of its revered name, but most importantly for its meaning and value. Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan is our common home, our creative space that nurtures our knowledge and wisdom to become "men and women for others." Beyond the classroom, there is a dynamic student life that hones our talents and skills. We are the youth of today — passionate and motivated towards reaching our goals ... and we believe in our dreams.

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