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COMPUTER UNITS. Each teacher at Taguanao Elementary School receives a computer unit to be placed in their respective classrooms. Supplied photo. 

Report by Michael Dave Tan 

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines — Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan Junior High School has recently donated a number of computer units to two of its Tulong Dunong (TD) partner schools, Taguanao and Camaman-an Elementary Schools

“Xavier Ateneo is so blessed that we have these extra used PCs which we can share with our TD partners," shared Tulong Dunong coordinator Anthony Ryan Mañus. "We strongly believe that this would also be of big help to them since they also have computer subject which is integrated into their Home Economics subject."

Mañus added: “The selection of these schools is based on which school needs it the most and from their request as well. Based on observation and scrutiny, we recommended Taguanao and Camaman-an Elementary Schools as the first beneficiaries.”

Key administrators from both the Department of Education and Xavier Ateneo Junior High were present during a simple turnover ceremony held at their respective schools, on August 22 and September 4.

LEARNING COMPUTERSXU Junior High School donates computer units to two of its Tulong Dunong partner schools on August 22 and September 4. Supplied photo. 

“We would want to extend our support in the integration of technology in the classroom to our partner TD schools,” said instructional technology specialist Michael Dave Tan.

It can be recalled that last year, some XUJHS Microsoft Education Ambassadors conducted workshops on how to effectively use Microsoft productivity tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Skype in the Classroom, and Sway with the TD partner schools. 

“This is just a continued initiative which started last year wherein we introduced some educational tools to some of their teachers," Tan shared. "This time we hope that they could maximize whatever they have learned from the training now that resources are available for teachers and students."

In turn, Taguanao Elementary School principal Basilisa Gayramara said: ”The activity initiated by Xavier Ateneo Junior High was very helpful to our school. Computer units will be distributed to each elementary school teacher in their respective classrooms. We will be taking good care of these computers as we plan to maintain the units using our school’s Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) funds.”

A number of computer units were placed in classrooms for class presentations while some were placed in the library for encoding and printing use.∎

LEADERS. Bregida Hibaya, DepEd Tulong Dunong coordinator Dr Janry Colonia, Taguanao Elementary School principal Basilisa Gayramara, and XUJHS TD coordinator Anthony Ryan Mañus grace the turnover ceremony at Taguanao Elementary School. Supplied photo.