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Report and photos by Jett L Torres, Program Head of the XU Night School Program 

The Xavier Ateneo School of Education’s Arrupe Educational Center, through its Night School Program - Alternative Learning System (NSP-ALS), staged their first-ever theater production titled “Tulay" on November 29 and 30, 2019 at the XU Little Theater.

The play was produced by the Social Development Office, in celebration of the Xavier Ateneo Festival Days 2019. It was directed by Daryl Bacolcol and originally written by Alloena Marie Neri and Edchelle Rellama, volunteer-teachers of the Xavier Ateneo Night School Program.

The story follows a young boy named Juan, who is raised by his widowed mom. He was a responsible and caring son until he became friends with people who led him astray. In the course of their friendship, an epiphany hit him. Will he continue to flow with the rapid water of indifference, or will he leap of faith in the deep water of hope? 

The out-of-school youth and children have been hardened by the influences of the cruelty of society. This has been a real context for the learners in the alternative learning system program. This perspective is seen as discovering and developing the talents and capabilities to the fullest extent possible of the learners.

The XU Night School Program provides opportunities for creativity nurtured by our volunteer-teachers and learning environment that encourage artistic-type of learning method. It also focuses on the development of the whole person, not with narrowly defined basic skills. It is bridging the fullest possible human development of the learners. It is not just a method of teaching; it is a paradigm to transform the foundations of education effectively.

The program desires to develop a non-formal curriculum that is transformational to the ALS learners, the ability to direct and take responsibility for oneself with the essential skills. An effort to expand the program through the intervention and innovation of ALS curriculum and delivery of instruction tailored to lifelong learning. 

It is redefining the common goal in providing a learning space that enables the out-of-school youth to develop their creative thinking, collaboration, and innovative skills to be successful in work and life.

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