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GREGORY LOUIS C. MAGBANUA, CFMP is a graduate of Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan of the School of Business and Management Class of 2018 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Major in Business Economics Management, and currently taking up Masters in Public Administration in Xavier University - Graduate School and also the Administrative Assistant of the Oro Youth Development Office in the City Government of Cagayan de Oro.

Last August 21, Mr. Magbanua got accepted to be part of the CERTIFIED TRAINING PROGRAM (Special Intensive -Batch 1) of the World Youth Alliance - Asia Pacific (WYAAP). As one of the accepted trainees for the pioneering batch coming from Cagayan de Oro City Philippines, he will undergo the training program via a web-based platform and accomplish the requirements at their own pace. Trainees will regularly receive guidance and feedback from the CTP Instructor via the online platform and will then become a Certified Member of the World Youth Alliance. The CTP Program covers a collection of texts that presents a summary of philosophical, historical, and modern-day ideas that shed light on the dignity of the person, human rights, and international law.

For this year's International Youth Day with the theme, "Youth Engagement for Global Action" he believes that the Youth's participation is essential towards building a progressive nation, and by upholding "Cura Personalis" -- one of the Xavier Ateneo core values which means care for the entire person, he emphasized that no matter how big and small the youth's undertaking today, the youth is still continuing making changes in their communities and extending their hands to be men and women of service and for others. With the current pandemic challenges, he said that the Youth stands as the light of hope and will continue to serve its purpose to lead and defends human dignity.

Mr. Magbanua is also an awarded individual during his college years as he receives the St. Francis Xavier Exemplar Award being the Ambassador of the Philippine Model Congress - Senate Hall of the Philippines and Delegation Qualifier for the Summer Youth Assembly to the United Nations together with his organization as the Former President of STREAMS XU - Pathways To Higher Education (UNESCO Accredited Organization) awarded as one of the Outstanding Organizations in the Philippines during the Xavier University - Magis Awards 2018. He also receives the Outstanding Leadership Award and the only Business Economic Student Achiever Awardee during the Recognition Night of Xavier University - School of Business and Management.

The World Youth Alliance - Asia Pacific (WYAAP) is a global youth coalition committed to promoting human dignity through policy & culture, founded by the United Nations in 1999. WYA is a United Nations ECOSOC-accredited organization and works closely with the UN, the European Union, as well as local and regional organs in defending the dignity of persons from all walks of life. WYA believes in the intrinsic, inviolable, and universal dignity of the person; in the family as the most fundamental unit of society where we learn how to live in genuine freedom and solidarity; and in integral human development characterized by physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional growth.