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(This is the full story featured in the Rise Pilipinas Newsletter Year 2020 Issue 1 of Microsoft )

Microsoft’s Showcase Schools Program has been making waves in transformative education through partnerships with schools and institutions who share the same vision: A more optimized, personalized, immersive, and inclusive student experience that fosters empowerment and lifelong learning. Out of 2,200 Showcase Schools worldwide, 7 are in the Philippines—among these, Xavier Ateneo stands out as a cornerstone of innovative teaching.

In discussion with partners: Ms. Lea Emata, Asst. Principal for Junior High School Xavier University JHS Ateneo de Cagayan

Emerging technologies in the fields of analytics and artificial intelligence have long been incorporated into the school’s daily activities and instruction, making the recent shift into remote teaching an almost effortless transition. In their Summer School Distance Learning Program, Xavier Ateneo made the move to Microsoft Teams, where they adapted school policies to fit the new system and set up teacher preparatory programs and technical support services for both parents and students. They’ve also expanded their initiatives through the Microsoft Education Ambassador’s Adopt-a-School Program, which welcomes other communities into their teacher training schemes.

The adjustment led to multiple learning opportunities on the side of the institution: They learned to prioritize content that adhered to students’ modified attention spans, refined student check-ins to monitor emotional wellbeing, and set realistic expectations for teachers, students, and parents alike given the impact of the “new normal.”

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Ms. Lea Emata presents highlights of Xavier Ateneo as a Microsoft Showcase School