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Magis Awards 2010

“Magis Awards” is an annual search for outstanding projects, student leaders, and student organizations that have demonstrated Ignatian ideals of service and excellence. The recipients of the awards are honored for fostering collaboration and unity with organizations and institutions within and outside the University. As a way of contributing to national development, the search challenges student leaders and student organizations to engage in community projects and commit to the civic purposes of their chosen fields.
Providing exemplars of laudable service, “Magis Awards” builds the University’s sense of efficacy and social responsibility. The search ensures that the path undertaken by student leaders is geared towards educating and helping others in the context of poverty, corruption, political crisis, and other social issues. In order to address these concerns, the search encourages innovative solutions, new technologies, sustainable development, and social mobilization.
Through the initiatives of the Office of Student Affairs and the Review and Recognition Committee, “Magis Awards” has emerged as the University’s premiere award-giving body for student leaders and student organizations. Through the years, it has shown that no matter how simple or modest the undertakings, they build hope and effect change for the better not only in XU but more so, in the larger community.