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Exams for the Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary Levels will be held almost simultaneously this October thus the transaction volume at the Finance Office is expected to be even bigger than usual. All college students who are due to take their final exams are therefore encouraged to get clearances and permits to exams as soon as possible.


The last day for the acceptance of check payments for the 1st semester fees is on the 30th of September 2009.


Blank “Temporary Clearance for Final Exams” forms will be available at the Finance Office beginning October 1.  Stamping/signing of permits to college final exams will commence on October 7. 


The XU Finance Office will have an extended working schedule from October 7 to October 17. (Please see notices at the Finance Office for details.)


Payors may also choose to pay at the following venues:


1. XUHS Pueblo Campus                   - October  15-16          (8-12, 1-4:30)

                                                              October 17                (8-12, 1-3)

                                                              October 19                (8-12)


2. XUGS Macasandig Campus           - October 15-16           (8-12, 1-4:30)

                                                               October 17, 19         (8-12)


3. Robinson’s Bank*                           - over the counter at any branch
            - banking hours, Mondays to Saturdays
            - acct no: 401-32-0000700
            - reference no: student ID Number + student’s name 


4. Philippine National Bank*              - over the counter at CDO Corrales Branch
                        - banking hours, Mondays to Fridays
                        - reference no: student ID Number + student’s name


5. Chinabank*                                     - over the counter at CDO Divisoria Branch
           - banking hours, Mondays to Fridays
            - reference no: student ID Number + student’s name


6. Bank of the Philippine Islands*      - ATM, Internet, Telephone for BPI acct holders  
               (enrollment at branch of acct is required)
            - 24/7
            - reference no: student ID Number + student’s name



7. Bank of the Philippine Islands        - bank-to-bank remittance or over-the-counter            

                                                               deposit from outside of Cagayan de Oro

- acct no: 9331-0133-63.

- payor should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following details: date and amount of remittance/deposit, accepting bank/branch, name and id number of student.


(*Bank payors should bring their permit to exams for stamping/signing to Window 6 of the

Finance Office.  Deposit slips need only be presented if payment was made on the same day.)