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 1. BANAYNAL XU DHRM 2020 2. CHEE XU DHRM 2021  3. DIZON XU DHRM 2021 
Xavier Ateneo through the flagship educational program of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) has produced the 2nd batch of DHRM graduating students. The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021 will be held in October 2021. 

Seven (7) people managers have successfully completed the five certificate courses which consisted of: Human Resource Development, Human Resource Planning and Acquisition, Compensation Management, Labor Relations, and Organization Development. 

The completion of the course will earn them the Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM). They are:  
1. Rosalette V. Banaynal (HR Manager, Mindanao Consolidated Cooperative Bank) 
2. Ana Bella Christina T. Chee (OD Manager, SupportZebra) 
3. Donna Marie Michelle C. Dizon (VP Admin and Corp Planning, Executive Director-CIM, CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative) 
4. Niño Mae V. Duran (Managing Director, SupportZebra)
5.  Josan A. Gonzaga (General Manager, TransPacific Office Partners, Inc.)
6. Marietta V. Magallones (HR and Admin Manager, CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative)
7. Rubylyn L. Trazo (Team Leader, Spruce Designer Network, Inc. SDNI)

By: Marietta V. Magallones
(HR and Admin Manager, CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative)
DHRM - Class of 2021

I joined CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative as a Sales Trainer six years ago, (at age 47J) bringing with me nothing but experience and passion in selling insurance and in facilitating training events. I am keen on bringing the best in others by also giving the best in me. In January 2020, I took on a more challenging role as a Human Resource and Administration Department Manager with the thought that I could help our organization grow by helping our most important resource – the employees. A graduate of B.S. Chemistry and having no formal training in the field of HR, I was quite confident that I could do it with just these passions in my heart – my love for people and training plus common sense. But of course, I acknowledged that there is still a lot more to learn in this discipline to complement these passions. And so the invitation from PMAP-AIHRM, through Xavier University’s Program Coordinator Mr. Rogelio Lee, Jr., to earn a Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) came at the right time but not at the best time. It was the onset of the pandemic! Nonetheless, we pursued our virtual sessions and we became the first batch who went into this new blended learning set-up. Going through both synchronous and asynchronous learning amidst the demands of HR work during a pandemic on a hybrid work set-up was a great challenge to me being a newbie in this field. There were times when I doubted if I could finish all 5 courses. Somehow, I decided to keep my heart and mind open, prepared myself for whatever lies ahead, and took each course, one session at a time, as in “eating an elephant one bite at a time”. God is so good! I hurdled the challenges with my classmates and sailed through the 5 Certificate Courses from May 24, 2020, to June 5, 2021. Thankful to Sir Roger for the invitation and for patiently running the program for us. Grateful also to CLIMBS for officially sending me to this program!

The last sessions of each course were special treats! For the Certificate Course on Human  Resource Development facilitated by the ever gracious Ms. Maria Soledad “Sol” F. Amir, Ms. Jo Ann Rosary O. Asetre  was invited to talk about Designing and Running Virtual Trainings. That was the most engaging virtual training that I had been to during that time. Further, I will never forget these quotes that struck me on this course: “learning drives business performance” and “an organization cannot grow or succeed without trained human resources”. For the Certificate Course on Human Resource Planning and Acquisition facilitated by the soft-spoken Ms. Maria Alva “Bambi” C. Espiritu, the treat was given by former PMAP President, Grace Abella-Zata, CEO of IRC Institute. We had a mock head-hunting session on Linked-In social media site. It was an enlightening session on how we can acquire the best talent matched to the need of the hiring department in the organization. This course came at a time when we were most open to acquiring talent through digital platforms and even did interviews online. For the Course on Compensation Management facilitated by ever patient Ms. Gina Maris M. Libot, the last session was given by Mr. Bobby T.Marquez, Jr., an esteemed HR Consultant and expert in Compensation Management. We tackled excel applications that encapsulated the whole course and helped us develop a competitive salary structure. I have learned an objective and scientific process considering legal implications in the design and implementation of a fair compensation package.

The fearless yet sweet Dr. Dulce Corazon D. Esperon stirred our minds on the different labor cases in the Certificate Course on Labor Relations. Sessions with her came heart-pounding yet heart-warming. These were opportunities where we could present our current issues that have labor implications and be enlightened on how to deal with them with a smile. The final session was given by Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez, a top Labor Law expert and an author of Labor and HR Books, who discussed more on Book 5 of the Labor Code and some labor cases that were already decided by the Supreme Court. Such mind-boggling cases were discussed in the simplest and humorous manner possible by both instructors.

Lastly, the high spirited Ms. Aida May B. De Guzman facilitated the rumored most challenging course among the 5 courses, the Certificate Course on Organisation Development. But, lo and behold, the Aha!-moments after each session, the realizations after shared experiences, and the joy after an affirmation of every insight paper far outweigh the rumors. Those were reinforced by the culmination session with our speaker Dean Thelma Geraldine Baricaua, former Vice-President and Dean – College of Arts and Sciences in San Beda College, Alabang. It was an overwhelming yet inspiring summary of the entire course with all her experiences in the field being shared in a very relaxed yet amusing manner.

I looked forward to each 3-hour-or-so session with enthusiasm. Surely, my classmates felt the same way because I could not remember anybody missing a class, whether driving, running an errand, or even going to the U.S.! So grateful to all our facilitators and guest instructors who are admired HR Practitioners for walking us through the 5 courses with ease and wit amidst the challenges. It turned out to be an enjoyable learning experience worth all the time and sacrifice. My salute to all of them for passionately imparting their expertise and inspiring us to give more!

Looking back, I get amused by the fact that I, being in my 50’s did not only have classmates who were in their 40’s, 30’s and 20’s but also some joined me from as far as Surigao, Cebu, Manila, and even Thailand! This is such an age when I got to experience the sharing of wonderful insights and best practices of fellow HR Practitioners coming from different work sectors in the boundary-less virtual classroom. Outside the class, we got to discuss assignments, update each other on periodic tasks and remind each other on class schedules in social media network groups created by our respective facilitators. This was also a venue where we could share jokes and funny circumstances that could somehow lighten the seemingly endless asynchronous tasks. When my own learning journey gets tough and overwhelming I draw inspiration from them. An extra delight was that I was joined by my boss, Ms. Donna C. Dizon, our VP for Administration and Corp Planning who was my strong support and cheerleader. The immediate application of the new learnings was done where we see it fit. To my previous classmates, the Magnificent 7, and the graduating batch thank you for being a significant part of my HR journey. Together, we can be agents of positive change even with the challenges. AJA!

Learning about the “marriage” of HR and OD with all the skills required to be an effective practitioner kept me thinking if I would be able to become one. At my age and at this stage of just starting my career in HROD, I am tempted to think that this is beyond me. However, with the DHRM that I have just earned, my passion for people and my desire to bring about the common good would somehow fuel me to contribute in this field in whatever way I can. The words of Dean Gerrie saying, “I always pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me”, gave me hope. I am confident that there is Somebody greater than me who will take care of the things that are beyond me. I realized, I should not remain a caterpillar. Rather, I should go through the seemingly “dark” process of becoming a beautiful butterfly . . . to give hope for the flowers!

I declare, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil 4:13). Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!