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On October 21, 2021, University President, Fr Mars P. Tan SJ, presented the “Campus of the Future” project to 130 college student leaders from various student councils and organizations. The presentation was followed by a lively conversation between Fr Tan and the student leaders, who asked many interesting questions on the new campus’ environmental sustainability, digital technology, new programs and courses, tuition fees, student center, open learning spaces, dormitory, security, bike lanes, spaces for non-Catholic or non-Christian students, community consultations, and others. Some students also asked about the fate of the old campus.

Fr Tan explained that some questions could not be given specific answers now because there would still be consultations and planning among University stakeholders, including the students.

The President made it clear to the students that the new campus in Manresa will be designed and built based on the 2019 University Strategic Plan, additional inputs from consultations and planning with end-users, and experts’ advice. Therefore, the new campus is a physical concretization and implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan in preparation for its centennial in 2033.

Mr. Andre Daba (CSG President) gave the closing remarks and conveyed the students’ support for the Campus of the Future project. Likewise, Ms. Irene Guitarte (VP for Mission and Ministry) expressed her support for the new campus project and implored God’s blessings for the hugely significant university undertaking.

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The 2-hour conversation was organized by the Office of the President (OP), the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) headed by Mr Ivanell R. Subrabas and Ms Blesilda Nanaman together with the Central Student Government (CSG).

The Conversation was well represented by the presidents and members of the following organizations: School of Business and Management Student Council * Junior Philippine Institute of Management Accountants * Computer Studies Student Council * Ateneo Philosophy Club * Xavier Computer Enthusiasts League * Junior Financial Executives * Assembly of Extra Curricular Organizations * Council of Nursing Students * XU Ateneo Debating Circle * The Crusader Publication * Japan Karate Association * Nature Crusaders * United Arts and Sciences Student Council * Xavier Inter-Disciplinary Studies Society * Philippine Institute of Electrical Engineers * XU Red Cross Youth * XU Soundtable.