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Last October 26 and 28, 2021, “Kamustahan 2021”, the annual convocations organized by the Human Resources Office, virtually gathered together 152 non-teaching administrators, professionals and staff from the Higher Education, Basic Education, Mission and Ministry and Social Development and 85 non-teaching personnel from the Office of the President and Administration clusters, respectively. 

The 2-hour convocation fostered a more exciting atmosphere as Xavier Ateneo President, Fr Mars P Tan, SJ, presented the Ten University Priorities and Targets for SY 2021-2022 and the upcoming Campus of the Future project. 

In her opening remarks, Human Resource Director Ms. Sol Amir shared how everyone in Xavier Ateneo has pivoted and adjusted to the changes despite the bumpy ride. “We operate and continue to operate despite the challenges, and we ask you to enjoy the ride to the exciting Campus of the Future.” 

Fr Mars shared that while there are countless things to be done, it was necessary to prioritize because of limited time and resources. But beyond the ten priorities are many more things to do. He also recognized that the order of priorities may differ from one unit to another. The 10 university priorities and targets were adapted from the Covid Crisis Action Plan of last year, projects considered priorities by the Board of Trustees and the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus, and new developments in the locality and the country. He also appealed to everyone to be more patient and enduring. “I really need your help to achieve the targets and goals, the administrators can’t do these alone, and you are important in the whole university structure. So I am sharing these to all of you so we will be in the same boat, and we will move in one direction.”

Fr Mars then presented the background and latest developments of the Campus of the Future project, which included the timeline. Fr Mars answered all the inquiries, mainly on the exciting Manresa campus, especially the inclusion of the Housing project for the employees. Fr Mars confirmed that it would push through, and while there is no definite date yet, he will soon discuss the project to include CLI, which has expressed willingness to help. “Although we have the land property in Lumbia, we have to make sure we have the funds.”

Fr Mars also shared that the development of the Manresa campus will be done in phases with the buildings and structures for the immediate use of the University, as priorities like the Church, academic buildings, administration building, library, Jesuit residence, and other essential support facilities. The next phase will cover the track oval, gymnasium, amphitheater, museum, and other infrastructures needed later. Finally, there might be a third phase of the development. 

Other important issues raised in the conversations were related to salary and benefits, efficient delivery of services, updates on the vaccination program, housing to include retirees, mental wellness for NTS, and face-to-face classes on campus.

Fr Mars P Tan, University President assured everyone that there would be consultations and planning among University stakeholders, including the students in the upcoming days.

Ms. Irene Guitarte (VP for Mission and Ministry), who gave the closing remarks, also expressed her gratitude for the presence of everyone and emphasized the availability of all the formators specially the Guidance Counselors of the University, following the very motivational talk on mental health by Dr Joey Marie Jegonia on the first convocation.

October 26 Kumustahan Convocation was attended by the non-teaching personnel from the following clusters: Higher Education, Basic Education, Mission and Ministry and Social Development.

Non-teaching personnel from the Office of the President and Administration clusters also came in full force during the Kumustahan Convocation last October 28.