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To give support to the government's COVID 19 vaccination efforts, Xavier University launched its own vaccination drive in coordination with the Department of Health through the City Health Insurance Office (CHIO). November 18, 2021 marked the first day of the vaccination made available and accessible to all members of the XU community and their family members. The venues were the University covered courts and the air-conditioned audio visual rooms of the School and Business and Management building. To accommodate more students and family members, the second vaccination administration was scheduled on the next day, No 19.

The “Vaccination at XU” project afforded a timely opportunity for our unvaccinated Xavier Ateneo community members and their families in view of the IATF regulations to allow only vaccinated employees to come to work in January 2022. Moreover, with the University’s plan for Limited Face-to-Face (LFF) instruction for Higher Education in the Second Semester of SY 2021-2022, it has become necessary for the students to get vaccinated this month.

On the first day, the first dose of LGU-donated Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines were administered to 357 individuals covering the following categories and their corresponding numbers: A2-8, A3-8, A4.1- 41, C1.0 – 89, D1.0 – 211. Majority of the those who availed of the vaccines were students aged 12-17 years old (211), followed by 89 students above 18, and adults including seniors and with comorbidities (57 individuals). While the next dose is scheduled on December 9, 2021.

The Vaccination Administration Committee is headed by Engr Dexter Lo and Dr Jojo Guitarte and ably supported by the Administration cluster led by Mr Ed Sasoy. During the actual vaccinations, many University personnel took part to help: Computing and Internet Network Services staff, medical students, university nurses, and other personnel from the Office of the President, Strategy and Quality Management Office, Human Resources Office, Administration Office, Communications and Promotions Office, Central Purchasing Office, Mission and Ministry Office, Safety Security and Information Office, and Physical Plant Office.

Day 1. Registration and Counselling of employees, students, and family members per household during the vaccination at XU covered courts.

Day 1: Pre, actual, and post vaccination.

Day 1. Post- Vaccination among employees, students, and family members.