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XUGS intends to further solidify its base in its second year of consolidation by reimagining and reanimating its vision and mission. The two-day workshop was full of fun, creativity, and fruitful at the same time. It served as a venue for the participants to forge bonds of friendship and cooperation after two years of not seeing each other physically.


Photo description: The XUGS faculty and staff during one of the icebreaker activities with Dr. Dixon Yasay as their facilitator.
Photo credits to. Mr. Zerton P. Dagoc

The first day of the workshop focuses on affirming the participants' identity as Ignatian educators and formators who stood through time and changes. It allowed the participants to examine their inner selves and respect one another's peculiarities. Through the activities, the participants realized and affirmed that XUGS is, in fact, a family and a home.


Photo description: The participants’ creative work on their personal vision and their aspirations for XUGS in the near future.
Photo credits to. Mr. Zerton P. Dagoc

On the second day, the participants revisited their personal vision and realized that it serves as the foundation of XUGS. Through the series of creative activities, the participants realized that XUGS is an extension of themselves and their values.  Divided into different groups, they then forged their own vision for XUGS by 2030. It was evident in the groups’ outputs that everyone aspires for XUGS to still remain a school of choice, a globally competent institution, forming boys and girls for others.


Photo description: A great hurray for a productive ISEW. Charge on!
Photo credits to. Mr. Zerton P. Dagoc

Together, as a community that appreciates diversity, XUGS aspires to be a globally competitive institution, educating students through the lens Ignatian values and creating opportunities through technology.