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Xavier University and the XU Tertiary Level Faculty Association (XUTELFA) signed its Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) last August 2, 2022.

The Central Administration Team (CAT) led by Chair, Fr. Gabriel Jose T. Gonzalez SJ, and the XUTELFA Union Negotiation Panel led by Chair and President, Atty. Francis Edmund D. Ortiz, took six (6) negotiation meetings to come to an agreement.

Thankful that both parties have finally approved and signed the CBA, Fr. Gonzalez said, “The administration and union panels made a great diligent effort to think things through with each other for what would be best for both the institution and the college faculty.   I thank the union for understanding the constraints brought on by the pandemic and tuition fee increase (TFI) basis mandated by law as well as the administration for the concessions it agreed to.   Although we will start low, we will end with more.   Let us continue to pray for and work towards better days to come for Xavier."

Atty. Ortiz also expressed his thoughts on the negotiations. "Every collective bargaining agreement negotiation is a daunting task for all involved parties.   It requires the three ‘T’s’ of life namely time, treasure and talent.   All of these are limited.   The unequivocal interest of XUTELFA is to improve the situation of its members.   It is a worthy cause that some shirk to bear.   However, we are reminded of the idea that nothing worth doing is easy.


We thank the XUTELFA negotiation team members who have shared their time, treasure and talent for this worthy cause.


We recognize the contributions of the Central Administration Team that made this Collective Bargaining Agreement possible.   Your presence ensures that what we have painstakingly placed into this instrument was not halfheartedly achieved.


We pray that the future will yield a much fruitful outcome as we sow our unified goals and aspirations for the success of our Xavier Ateneo family."


Following the successful negotiation, XU Pres Fr. Mars P. Tan SJ congratulated the teams on the signing of the new agreement.  "I am so glad for the XUTELFA and the Central Administration negotiation teams. There is no substitute for mutual understanding and a genuine concern for the sustainability of our very own Xavier Ateneo as we journey together through this pandemic."

The CBA will be effective for five (5) years, from June 1, 2022 to May 31, 2027.