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By John Esteward Carcosia, DevCom 4 SD Student Volunteer

SD Volunteers gathered last November 9 hosted by the Social Involvement and Advocacy Program (SIAP)

With the global shutdown and limited in-person activities due to the pandemic, the XU Social Involvement and Advocacy Program (SIAP) of the Social Development (SD) Cluster welcomed on November 9 its 56 promising core volunteers from different colleges and programs in the university. In the Volunteers' Assembly hosted by the office, the new batches of volunteers were introduced to nature, structure, mission, and vision including the nitty-gritty of the works under the program.

"SIAP is a program that will allow you to be immersed outside the University through the various extension projects of the cluster,'' said Mr. Nestor Banuag Jr, Director of the XU Social Involvement and Advocacy Program.

A volunteer shared his thoughts and experiences during the orientation

Since its inception, the office has regularly welcomed college student volunteers to be engaged in social formation activities, both community work and deepening sessions. The COVID-19 outbreak drove the office to close the volunteer application process, which caused the volunteer program to lie dormant for two years.

"In my last year in college, I’m looking for an office or organization in the university that immerses students like me, to the service of XU outside its border, and I found it here in SIAP," said Maha Radia, a senior Psychology student, and an SD Volunteer.

A volunteer shared his thoughts and experiences during the orientation

The program is home to several significant and successful student-led community projects of the university, including those that focus on the area's most pressing socio-economic issues at different socio-ecological levels.

To date, the office has recorded more than 500 volunteers since it was re-structured last 2016. Plans for recruiting more volunteers for next year are also gearing up as SIAP also plans to intensify its capacity to collaborate with more partner communities from different sectors.