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Xavier University - Central Student Government (XU -CSG) together with SHUXX- It’s Tough Conversations brings its advocacy to the locality with a campaign that aims to counter the widespread HIV and AIDS crisis. This is an inclusive initiative that knows no boundaries which the Xavier University - Central Student Government aims to cross. 

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With Cagayan de Oro as the fifth leading city in the country with the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases, XU-CSG is taking action as it spearheads a week-long campaign which goes beyond the walls of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan with the project moving into a city-wide scale. This city-wide event aims to guide those who are most at risk of getting victimized by widespread misinformation, those who lack access to healthcare, and those who have an unfounded stigma against HIV and AIDS in general.

This event emphasizes the importance of awareness through information drives about HIV and AIDS in the community. The information drives serve to combat the stigmas involving HIV and AIDS and debunk misconceptions regarding it. It seeks to provide FREE and accessible HIV and AIDS testing and counseling to young adults and adolescents. Moreover, this project aims to establish a culture wherein testing and counseling services for HIV/AIDS are not seen as a taboo; where the youth are not only aware and educated about their own sexual health and identity but also conscious of how they can help change the rising number of HIV/AIDS cases in Cagayan de Oro City.

As a Filipino University, Xavier Ateneo de Cagayan is dedicated to the country's sustainable development. By acknowledging the underlying problem, within the locality, and making a change through this project, the initiative steers toward the act of service to the Filipino people. At the very heart of this project is the youth leaders who are working to make this a possibility. Cura Personalis is at the core of those involved in the process, with the utmost intentions of being men and women for others towards Kagayanons affected by HIV and AIDS. In solidarity, the Xavier University- Central Student Government answers these needs and issues of a society that must be liberated from the stigmas of HIV and AIDS to properly address the problem through scientific and accurate information. This aims to help Filipinos who are vulnerable and have limited access to these services and information to come forward and take part in advocating for this change.

That is why, Xavier University - Central Student Government (XU-CSG) through SHUXX - It’s Tough Conversations, in partnership with the Xavier University Social Involvement and Advocacy Program (XU - SIAP), Office of the City Vice Mayor and Office of the City Mayor of Cagayan de Oro, Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (PSFI), Social Hygiene Clinic, City Health Office (CHO), ORO Pia Community Center, and the Department of Health (DOH) - Region X, encourages young adolescents to come and join us in this initiative to bring about positive change and participate to end stigmas and common misconceptions about HIV and AIDS. This campaign was done through multiple consultations and meetings with institutions within and beyond the university to ensure the proper and accurate execution of the program, promotion, and the overall message of the project to the masses.


In turn, it is the call of this project to help put the stigmas to an end, to bring about awareness and normalcy in the communication of HIV and AIDS, in place of snide remarks and misconceptions. This is an effort to help the government utilize SHUXX’s initiative and promote similar projects to other parts of the country that are also affected by such high cases of HIV and AIDS cases.

Cross boundaries with us and start conversations.

For further inquiries, you may contact Ms. Keziah Mallorca from the Xavier University Social Involvement and Advocacy Program (XU - SIAP).


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