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By Margaux Lynz Peña, AB History 4/ FOURward Agenda

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY—On Saturday, January 14, 2023, American Corner CdeO celebrated International Volunteer Day with participants from the Xavier University Ateneo Diplomatic Corps at the XU Library. The activity was initiated by the American Corner CdeO, in partnership with FOURward Agenda–XU CSG OVP’s Advocacy Division, and powered by Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) YOUnified.

XU Ateneo Diplomatic Corps participants of the International Volunteer Activity pose with FOURward Agenda members and Rule Redondo, the XU Libraries and American Corner Director.

The event was hosted by Eleonor Osorio, FOURward Agenda's very own Economic Empowerment Unit Head. Dr Estrella Cabudoy, the XU Libraries American Corner Coordinator, kicked off the activity with her opening remarks. Pamela Emano, FOURward Agenda's Politics and Civic Engagement Unit Head, and Jose Rowel Damas, XUJHS Faculty and Philippine Youth Leadership Program associate, inspired the participants through their keynote speeches to find their reasons to volunteer.

Host Eleonor Osorio welcomed the participants to the activity; Dr Estrella Cabudoy, XU Libraries American Corner Coordinator opened the event with her opening remarks; Pamela Emano delivered her keynote speech in video format.

James Martin Ambat, the Director of the FOURward Agenda shared his experiences in the 2022 YSEALI Regional Workshop: Marine Warriors he attended in Vietnam in December of 2022.

More about the workshop here:

Jose Rowel Damas, XUJHS Faculty and Philippine Youth Leadership Program associate, was presented with a certificate by James Martin Ambat and Dr Estrella Cabudoy after delivering his keynote speech.

Ambat then discussed International Volunteerism and the opportunities that have propelled him to formative conferences overseas.

James Martin Ambat, FOURward Agenda Director and YSEALI Regional Workshop alumnus, was given a certificate by Mr Rule Redondo, XU Libraries and American Corner Director, and Dr Estrella Cabudoy, American Corner Coordinator, after his discussion on international volunteerism.

Mr Rule Redondo, XU Libraries and American Corner Director capped off the event with his closing remarks.

All smiles for the participants as the activity comes to an end.

Althea Galinada, FOURward Agenda’s Environmental and Ecological Protection Unit Head coordinated the event.

Photos by Margaux Lynz Peña