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01062024.Web HIST 01Source: National Book Development Board (NBDB) and Manila Critics Circle (MCC). (2023). The Winners of the 41st National Book Awards: Official List.

Xavier Ateneo’s History and International Studies Department is delighted to announce that “Transfiguring Mindanao: A Mindanao Reader” has been awarded the Elfren S Cruz Prize for Best Books in Social Sciences during the 41st National Book Awards on 9 December 2023.

The Elfren S Cruz Prize, one of the awards accorded to outstanding books published in the Philippines by the National Book Awards, is bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated excellence in publishing local studies and made a significant impact in Social Sciences.

“Transfiguring Mindanao: A Mindanao Reader”, a volume written and edited by authors mostly coming from Mindanao, documents important studies and accounts that deal with a wide array of topics highlighting Mindanao. The volume was published in 2022 by the Ateneo de Manila University Press.

Xavier Ateneo’s History and International Studies Department extends their heartfelt congratulations to the volume’s editors Prof Jose Jowel Canuday and Prof Joselito Sescon for this well-deserved honor. The department also congratulates two of its faculty members Fr Amado Tumbali Jr, SJ and Dr Faina Abaya-Ulindang for their contributions to the said volume.

Focusing on Christianity in Mindanao, Fr Amado conducted a historical survey of the religion’s presence in Mindanao covering the Spanish Period, the American Period and the post-World War II Church. Fr Amado is currently the Chairperson of the History and International Studies Department and, concurrently, Xavier Ateneo’s Chaplain.

With a profound interest in migration in Mindanao and nation-building, Dr Faina explored stories from second-generation Mindanaoan migrants whose parents were beneficiaries of the government resettlement projects. Dr Faina is particularly interested in the perils, triumphs and integration challenges faced by migrants in Mindanao. Dr Faina is handling courses in Xavier Ateneo’s MA History program.

Once again, congratulations to the recipients on this remarkable achievement.