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01092024.Web IS 1V Jornadas de ELE 2023 being held onsite and online in Ateneo de Manila

Xavier Ateneo’s History and International Studies Department was represented during the Fifth Jornadas de ELE 2023 held on 19-20 October 2023 in Ateneo de Manila. The event was organized in collaboration with Ateneo de Manila’s Department of Modern Languages, UP Department of European Languages, Accion Educativa Exterior, and Instituto Cervantes de Manila.

The 2-day onsite and online panel discussion among didactic experts and sharing of best teaching practices was attended by teachers of Spanish as a foreign language in the Philippines. 

The Jornada de ELE is an annual gathering of teachers and stakeholders in the field of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in the Philippines. This serves as an opportunity for teachers to discuss the innovations in the field of Spanish Didactics and expand their professional network.

The V Jornada de ELE’s thematic discussions aimed to showcase best practices and new ideas on how to incorporate cultural elements into the classes.

01092024.Web IS 2Ms Mary Glou M Padillo representing XU during the onsite panel discussions

Xavier Ateneo’s History and International Studies Department was represented by their Spanish language instructors Ms Catalina H Gaite, Ms Mary Glou M Padillo and Ms Eulalie C Barsanas. Also present during the event were representatives from Ateneo de Manila, University of Santo Tomas and University of the Philippines Diliman, Department of Education, Instituto Cervantes, and the Spanish Embassy in Manila.

The participants were given certificates of attendance as proof of their attendance last 2 December 2023. Xavier Ateneo's History and International Studies Department looks forward to participating again in the Sixth Jornada de ELE.