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Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan stands proud as one of the leading environmentally-sustainable Philippine universities, making significant strides in reducing its carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices. In alignment with its commitment to sustainability, the XU administration invites the XU community to actively engage in and support its green campus initiatives.

In recent accolades, the Universitas Indonesia’s UI GreenMetric World Sustainability Ranking ranked Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan as one of the top twenty-two (22) Philippine universities championing the reduction of carbon footprint and the development of environmentally-friendly campuses. XU excelled in Setting and Infrastructure, Energy and Climate Change, Water Sustainability and Education and Research, while Waste and Transportation are areas which call for improvement.

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The university’s commitment to sustainability is a continuous journey evaluated yearly against world standards such as the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, initiated in 2010, to measure campus sustainability efforts. Included in the evaluation are factors such as the size and zoning profile of the university, green space, electricity consumption, transportation, water usage, waste management, and sustainability policies contribute to this evaluation. By adhering to these standards, XU ensures that its initiatives are globally recognized and aligned with the best practices in campus sustainability. This commitment is reflected in its sustainable practices, including institutional policies, solar energy adoption, waste management, and curriculum integration.

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With this, the university encourages the community’s involvement, seeking not only to enhance environmental programs but also to contribute to student-led programs, projects, and activities related to the environment. It calls on the community to join the university’s efforts in building a cleaner and more sustainable future, to embrace the challenge, and be united in the pursuit of a greener and more environmentally-conscious Xavier Ateneo.

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Spearheaded by the Green Campus Agenda Committee, Xavier Ateneo joined the GreenMetric World University Rankings in 2013. This annual participation is a valuable opportunity for the university to evaluate and benchmark its campus sustainability efforts with those of other institutions. As a proud member of the global network, XU actively engages in the exchange of experience and the adoption of best practices on sustainability alongside other universities worldwide.

In the most recent ranking, XU secured the 359th position out of the 687 participating universities in Asia. For detailed insights particularly for Asia in 2023, click:

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This ranking serves as a reminder to the community to persistently strive for a greener and more sustainable university. It is a commitment that XU proudly echoes in solidarity with the 1,183 member schools. 

XU emphasizes its invitation to all members of its community to participate and support its ongoing green campus initiatives. “Together, let us transform this call into a meaningful action and share in a vision of a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future for Xavier Ateneo.”

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