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Alonzeyah Mae F Omangpang (Intern), McKeough Marine Center

The Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan McKeough Marine Center (XU-MMC) hosted a marine-themed talk titled 'Seeds of the Sea: Nurturing Growth of Eucheumatoid' held at the Xavier University Old Library Building AVR 1 last 28 February 2024. This event was attended by marine biology and engineering students.

The 'Seeds of the Sea' speaker, Mr Jesse Jan Galera MSc of the XU Biology Department, is a graduate of Marine Biology from Xavier Ateneo and holds a Master of Science in Marine Biology from Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT).

Mr Galera introduced Eucheumatoids, a seaweed species farmed and harvested especially for the phycocolloid group Carrageenan with various economic uses such as thickening agents for food, and preservatives, as well as ecological uses of habitat and reef-building. He then discussed that one of the major producers of farmed Eucheumatoids such as the red seaweed species of Kappaphycus and Eucheuma is the Philippines, and as of 2023, the number of fishery products of the country are seaweeds. Furthermore, Mr Galera shared the process of eucheumatoid farming from his experiences as a Research Assistant on seaweed farming and research in Tawi-Tawi, involving the processes, struggles, and solutions during the collection, processing, and maintenance of eucheumatoid species. He provided the participants with universities currently holding seaweed research should they want to explore the topic more.

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Mr Galera discusses the different morphologies of seaweed species found in the Philippines.

The attending students were also introduced to the distinctive eucheumatoid species cultivated in the Philippines for their carrageenan properties. Mr Galera effectively addressed the participants' curiosity about the processes of seaweed farming in the country, drawing from his firsthand knowledge and presenting a range of published and unpublished studies on eucheumatoid farming.

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Mr Galera with the attending participants.